WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) for businesses that seek a reliable & stable platform that is cost effective.

WordPress is the best content management system

A fully functional and professional website is key to the success of every business. Whether you operate online or offline, a website is often the first place a potential customer will look before deciding to start a business relationship. WordPress continues to be the number one platform of choice for business worldwide and the reasons why may not surprise you.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the web. It powers more than 26.1% of the Internet (and growing), and is the most trusted platform used by small to enterprise sized businesses. Fortune 500 companies including Facebook, The New York Times, eBay, General Motors and Time Magazine use WordPress to power their websites, and it used by over 7.5 million other sites of all sizes and niches.

When selecting a content management system, it is important to have a clearly defined set of requirements in place. It can be very easy to become overwhelmed by sophisticated functionality, add-ons and options, and in the long run, the wrong choice could cost you dearly. A list of key requirements can help you in the decision process. The significant points to consider include the core functionality of the content management system, and how the website will be structured, created and organized. Similarly, considering how the site will be used to easily edit text and images, as well as dealing with uploaded documents should be at the top of your requirement list to e-commerce.

The search functionality is another important tool in the choice for a content management system. How easy is it for users to search for the information they require? Does it provide results quickly and efficiently? Keeping the user at the forefront of the goals of your content management system is a proactive way to ensure that your website is performing to the best of its ability.

WordPress is perhaps one of the most recommended platforms by us at Design House (view latest project).  When it comes to mid-size, enterprise & e-commerce websites that are cost effective and have the ability to easily scale and grow as a business & organization continue to evolve WordPress is the leading choice.

With a host of other CMS options and platforms on the market, why is Wordpress the best content management system?

No experience required: the thought of updating content on a website can be overwhelming. WordPress takes the fear out of making edit changes to text,  images and videos among other elements on a website. It’s so user friendly that making changes is simple and straight forward allowing users to easily keep adding and cultivating their websites with rich and engaging content without the help of a web designer.

Different platform configurations: from a blog to a landing page,informative website  and e-commerce,  WordPress is a multi functional content management system that can be successfully adapted for every type of website objective.

Endless theme options: want to change your website’s theme or play around with how content is displayed? WordPress enables you to update and fully customize your website. With over 2500 free themes available and thousands more for a licensing fee the hardest decision is choosing which theme to use and apply!

Simple plugins: with over 3100 plugins, WordPress is a fantastic platform to grow and customize your website. Some of the most popular WordPress plugins include Woo Commerce, Contact Form, Jetpack and the Revslider to name a few.

Free and premium versions: you don’t need to break open the vault to have a professional looking WordPress site. With a variety of free themes, plugins and widgets, you can build and manage your site with the help of a professional website agency  in no time.

Community support: perhaps the greatest thing about WordPress is its community. With easy how-to guides and a large community ready to answer and help with those tough questions, WordPress prides itself on being a fully inclusive content management system.

Open-source: designed and based on the open-source principle, WordPress is constantly being developed by engineers, making it a more powerful, flexible and safer option for content management system of choice.

Easy integratable: if you are planning to run an online business with a fully functioning store, WordPress is a great platform for your digital marketplace. WordPress is a stable platform and with a range of plugins and customization options, the potential for growth of your online business is endless.

SEO friendly: WordPress is designed to let you reap the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO), making it one of the most effective CMS platforms to host your website. SEO can be further enhanced with a range of effective plugins, rich content and other plugins to help you gauge and manage your online ranking.

Multisite : WordPress enables users to host multiple sites on the same installation. This feature allows the creation of custom, individual sites, a feature that is particularly useful when multiple profiles/websites may be required for representatives. Boosting productivity and saving additional costs for managing all the site via one CMS.

Categories, tags and metadata: Wordpress enables the simple management of organizing your posts. Categories can be used to drive down and segment your posts- a useful tool for filing posts to particular topics or interest areas. Tags are an important part of search engine optimization, Media types: from photos to video, audio files to downloadable documents, WordPress is a reliable and media-friendly content management system.

Content creation: content is perhaps the most important part of your site. Consider creating manually created collections of posts, which can help to increase your conversion rate, grow your subscriber list and in the long term, help you reach a larger customer base its easy to use and add content.

User interaction: WordPress plugins enable the gathering of user feedback, and it’s important to consider how you will go about this. Examples such as forms, forums and email newsletters are all effective strategies to help obtain user data that may turn into potential conversions.

Proper planning and preparation is vital when selecting the correct content management system to meet your needs. A list of precise requirements will help to keep the search process focused, and reduce the risk of being distracted by unnecessary functionality tools and features. WordPress is the leader of the content management system pack, and its dominance in this area of web design and development.

Which platform do you use for your content management needs? We’d love to hear about your thoughts and experience!
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