WordPress Agency Design House on why WordPress rocks.

Design House is an award-winning WordPress agency specializing in WordPress website design & developement. We build and design WordPress websites from the ground up or customize existing WordPress themes depending on budgets. Our digital agency prefers WordPress over many CMS platforms for various reasons. For starters, WordPress has an open source community which is constantly enhancing and contributing improvements to the CMS. Which makes WordPress powerful and compatible with the fast growing internet landscape.  It also has plethora of WordPress plugins available or being baked. This makes WordPress ideal for brands and businesses that need to scale and grow their websites efficiently.  In addition WordPress continues to grow “real-time” as the most used content management system online. Currently 25% of websites online use WordPress according to Venturebeat in 2015.  We love being a WordPress Agency and wanted to spread some online noise about it, so read on and enjoy!


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Top 10 reasons why we are a proud WordPress agency:

1.Customers are no longer held hostage:

Back in the day, if an edit had to be made to text or images on a website. The website owners would have to rely solely on their web master to make those changes. With WordPress those days are over! WordPress has a very user friendly content management system (CMS) with has a secure user portal that allows users to quickly and easily make changes to text, images, videos and more without ever having to be held hostage by a web master to get them done. Just imagine the savings. 

  1. Cloud accessibility:

Access your secure website online from anywhere in the world and now any device. Simply get online, access any browser, from any device and login into your website’s portal. Recently WordPress released a new WordPress update making it even easier to make changes & updates from mobile devices.

  1. Stronger branding potential:

As a result, of customizing a WordPress theme or designing one from scratch there is uniformity throughout the website’s templates which results in brand consistency. The ability to add the same colors throughout uniformly along with other brand elements is essential for building a stronger and more effective brand power.

  1. Mobile Responsive:

No need to create a second website just for mobile. Although not exactly “out-of-the-box” mobile ready. WordPress mobile responsive themes come ready to be configured to be “mobile friendly”. You can also customize the CSS or add a plugin. It must have some kind of mobile design but WordPress gives you many options and makes it easy to transition and make your website mobile ready.  Did you know that 39% of users in 2015 browsed the internet on their mobile phones? The number of mobile users continues to grow in 2016. If your site is not mobile responsive Google may also penalize the website by dropping its ranking if it’s not mobile friendly. Test if your website is mobile responsive here.

  1. SEO friendly:

The lack of so much HTML code on WordPress make it the ideal platform for Google bots to crawl and index it quickly. There are also so many useful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins available that can readily optimize your pages for the meeting basic SEO standards. Thus, helping your website thrive like a well oiled rocket!


Now that you have a killer SEO plugin installed and you can easily make updates to text and other content on your site regularly keeping it fresh and current.  This creates the perfect conditions for an SEO Goldmine. The more text with identified keywords and links both in and out from your pages / blogs start to create & brew the right SEO mix your site needs to thrive with organic SEO.

  1. More Visitors

It’s all a domino effect from here; great SEO plugin, user friendly website inspiring new text regularly, great text resulting in link sharing all results in more users visiting your site. The better the content the longer users will read and share links resulting in a lower bounce rate which also gives Google bots a signal to its algorithm that your site is resourceful and that impacts your website’s ranking for even higher.

  1. Multiple Users

WordPress offers the ability to create multiple users with different user hierarchy levels to access the website.

Administrator – access to everything
Editor – has access to all posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and links.
Author – can write, upload photos to, edit, and publish their own posts.
Contributor – has no publishing or uploading capability, but can write and edit their own posts until they are published
Follower (public sites) / Viewer (private sites only) – can read and comment on posts and pages

  1. Ease of membership site rollout:
    By adding just a few plugins WordPress is capable of scaling out a full- service membership site with several levels.
  1.  Your site grows as your business grows:

WordPress is totally scalable and easy to grow as your business grows. The ability to add new pages and expand is very easy. Need to add more images to your portfolio not a problem; it’s quick and easy. Have an informative website that now needs to sell items? It can be as easy as rolling out an eCommerce plugin and configuring a shopping cart.

We are a WordPress agency because we understand and are professional at harnessing the power WordPress has to offer. Check out some of recent WordPress case studies. Design House, has participated as both as sponsors and speakers at WordCamp Miami events and we continue to participate and contribute to this awesome community. There have been several misconceptions with WordPress throughout the years. One of which, is that WordPress is only for blogs and this was the case over ten years ago now which is how WordPress came to be. At its inception to date, WordPress started as a blog and it grew very much primarily because of it open source code. It’s so powerful today that even fortune 500 companies use WordPress. You can see some corporate companies using WordPress below.

Fortune 500 companies using WordPress:

Walt Disney World

Best Buy



Microsoft News Station







New York Times

More fortune 500 companies using WordPresss

What’s your experience with WordPress ? We’d love to hear your feedback.