Boutique digital agencies continue to be preferred choice by large brands seeking innovation, out of the box creative and personalized service.

Is big always better? For many brands, this is not the case for when it comes to selecting big agencies for their campaigns and marketing efforts. The world of marketing is a different place than what it was five, even ten years ago. Traditional tactics like commercials and old-school billboards are increasingly becoming a technique of the past, as brands and organizations opt for the power of social media, websites, mobile apps and techniques like PPC advertising to create buzz and engagement with customers.

Boutique digital agencies may be smaller in size, but they are often large in their creative processes and work product. With a reputation for encouraging a culture of creativity and focusing on the talents of their people, big brands are flocking to use boutique digital agencies and see real results for their marketing, branding and website needs.

boutique digital agencies

So why are big brands preferring to work with boutique digital agencies?

Direct access: when you hire a smaller agency you’ll get to actually know who is working on your account – and not just the account manager. Boutique digital agencies provide personal access to top talent, with the founders and core team likely be personally working on your project. This enables you and your staff to work directly alongside them, having real influence and input into the project.

Defined identity: small agencies have a clear identity and they won’t lose it to expansion, large overheads or big names. Founders have a strong vision of what their agency stands for and the brand that they’ve built, and these core values shine through at every stage of the creative and strategic process.

Gutsy thinkers: owners and employees of smaller digital agencies have to be brave to survive. Their creative talents are their lifeblood, and anyone with the guts to start a business will have the courage to provide their clients with outside the box thinking.

Aligned synergy: with a smaller team, creative synergies and working relationships have to be in sync. Joined up thinking and a collaborative approach to working makes it easier for teams to know what their colleagues are working on, with a collective push to deliver results for the client.

Invested outcome: perhaps more than bigger agencies, boutique digital agencies have an invested outcome in the project that they’ve been hired to complete. Every success story and dollar truly counts, with this incentive for a positive result leading to a stronger allegiance to getting the job done properly. Positive results can be used to pitch for further work and as a strong case study on a boutique digital agency’s website and client deck.

Pure passion: there is no denying that boutique digital agencies are passionate about their work. They live and breathe their craft, seeking ways to push boundaries and be at the forefront of creative and technological change.

From testing out the latest trends on social media to using new software as part of a client’s campaign, smaller agencies have their finger on the pulse and they’re excited about it!

Subject matter expertise: when working with a boutique digital agency, you’ll find that its employees are highly specialized in their respective fields. From user experience to design work, social media to search engine optimization, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re brand will be safe in the hands of some of the industry’s most talented and innovative professionals.

Geographical focus: boutique digital agencies often focus their work in a specific geographical area. Targeting their work locally can help them to create integrated and specifically focused campaigns, ensuring a high return on investment for both the client and the consultant.

Focus on creativity: boutique digital agencies are passionate about creativity. Employees are encouraged to embrace their creativity and try out new ideas and approaches without being bogged down by internal red tape and procedures that come with the territory of a big firm. At many big digital agencies, the rules, regulations, internal procedures and guidelines can stifle creativity and discourage employees from trying and testing out new ideas. Similarly, the ‘big is better’ approach at large digital agencies can be intimidating to employees, especially in team situations like meetings, briefings and creative sessions.

The tailored touch: boutique digital agencies know that personalization works. With attention placed on the personal touch, true relationships and creative ideas can be formed from the needs of the client and align with the goals of the overall project. Many big digital agencies do not used a tailored approach with their clients, preferring to suggest what they works and pays well, often at the expense of a truly successful campaign or project outcome.

Collaboration: boutique digital agencies have the capacity and need to collaborate with others to achieve specialized results. Often hiring specialized and talented freelancers, boutique digital agencies play a leading role in boosting their careers and putting the spotlight on the positives of working with independent contractors. Collaboration brings true success and boutique agencies are quick to embrace the challenge!

Quick to respond: with an attentive focus on the customer, digital boutique agencies pride themselves on their flexibility and ability to respond to the immediate needs of their customer. Relationships are key and response times really matter.

Paying for what you get: big agencies have big overheads. With large workforces and big bills to pay, you’ll more often than not be subsidizing these big costs. With a dedicated, smaller team, a boutique digital agency will focused completely on your needs and you’ll receive what you’re paying for.

Hungry to succeed: perhaps above all, boutique digital agencies have the drive and desire to succeed. Results are key to their survival, so you’ll be sure that working with a small and highly experienced team will help big brands to meet their objectives with stunning results.

So if you are a big brand looking for a big change, consider working with a boutique digital agency for your next big project!

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