A website that is not updated loses value and trust. Your site should be treated like a garden. Here are some tips to keep your website updated, fresh & ready for 2016:

website in 2016

  1. Install HTTPS / SSL and stay Google compliant. You can also enjoy an SEO boost.
  2. Replace old images with new personalized images and videos.
  3. Personalize your website with illustrations and infographics.
  4. Add a blog and keep it fresh with new content and skyrocket your SEO.
  5. Add, edit replace old content throughout your site.
  6. Has your site been updated to the latest WordPress content management system (CMS)? Avoid security hacks and more.
  7. Is your website mobile-responsive?
  8. Get a web design facelift and keep your website looking fresh and current.


Don’t have the time to get these done? We can help with that – start here.
Happy 2016 from your partners at DESIGN HOUSE!