Ringing in the New: Website Design Services with Strategy for 2016

As the New Year approaches, we are bombarded by even more new technology. The ever-evolving realm of website design services & social media are so important for SEO. In the booming, competitive world of the Internet, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out. We are dealing with a myriad of choices, all screaming to be noticed within the ever-shortening collective attention span. With this in mind, here are 5 things offered by website design services with strategy.

1. Compelling content

What began as an eye-catching method in the newspaper industry does not ring true on the internet. In website design services, content does not need to be above the fold. What matters most is having a page that is visually balanced, while maintaining enough useful information to keep the reader scrolling.

2. Large hero images

Your banner image owns the first impression. For that reason, website design services that offer a big, eye-catching graphic are key. Combine this with catchy ad copy and a call to action. (see example below) is strategy that to date still appeals to users.

Website Design Services

(view UM project here)

3. Flat design

Apple set the standard for using simple graphics as website design elements. Clean, crisp lines and soft color add to page esthetics. A basic and inviting appearance is key, as opposed to flashy animation that takes time to load, navigate and slows the download.

4. Simplified navigation

Expanding on the flat website design, it is important to not blast the viewer with a lot of menu items. WordPress, is destined to be the most commonly used CMS in 2016, is a good example. The site should be easily navigated, accessed within seconds, offering a few key points for the best user experience (UX).

5. Responsive Website Design Services

Links should be up and running, with plenty of clear call-to-action to learn more. A good, clear color change on a links with let the user know what’s next for their optimal experience. Give your viewer the keys to an interactive experience. They should feel in control of the site, but not overwhelmed by it.

Despite the new normal of digital landscape in this modern world, we are still called back to fundamentals. There is comfort in going forward with website design services, knowing that all the old rules still ring true to some extent. At Design House we believe you can’t go wrong with clean design and a simple user friend experience “less is more”.Working from the fundamentals, it is easier to tailor the design to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us for your 2016 website design service strategy!