Coral Gables, the City beautiful!

Coral Gables, the City beautiful aka as the Gables is home to our digital agency. We really enjoy the Gables and its great weather all year around.  Coral Gables, Florida is located right in heart of Miami and just minutes from anywhere. We can get anywhere in Miami in just a few minutes (when the traffic is lax). We’re  also in the center of a plethora of restaurants, bars, art galleries, boutique stores and businesses. Coral Gables has also been referred to as the “Beverly Hills” of Miami. This thriving little city gem has been a hidden secret for decades but in recent years has been undergoing major renovations and is currently front and center to the tech start-up and art scene.

Design House opened it’s doors in Coral Gables back in 2010. Since then we have been long-term digital creative partners for the City. We have created numerous design projects for the Gables and the Coral Gables Museum. We most recently, had the honor of designing the city’s 90th anniversary logo project [See below]. This logo has been rolled out everywhere in this magical small town. Our agency gets a kick out of seeing our logo everywhere we go-its pretty cool.

Coral Gables 90th-anniversary-logo-color

This historical city of Coral Gables is best known for George Merrick who was the first to create fully-planned communities. The Gables was also the the first city in Miami to  adopt a Historical Resources Ordinance in 1973.  Do to this ordinance the Gables has maintained its historical charm which makes it one the most beautiful cities in Miami-Dade County. Fast forward to today, the Gables is simply a wonderful town to work and play. We have a great trolley transportation system that makes it a joy to travel around the Gables.