Catalog design and print , will it become obsolete?

Catalog design

Catalog design and printing was a very popular service up to about ten years ago, when technology really started to take the lead over print with digital media.  The catalog design process would typically require printing, art direction, product photography. Fast forward to the catalog design process now, much of the work typically requires the catalog design, art direction and photography without the printing.

Technology has very much replaced the need for printing catalogs like we had to many years ago. This is a great thing for many reasons, 1) the environment 2) it s much more efficient the catalog and convert it into a PDF or digital catalog. Digital media has replaced many of the traditional print assets we were use to like catalogs, brochures, flyers and even business cards in most cases.

The decision to print vs. digitize media is oftentimes spearheaded by digital agencies which understand how to better reach the brands target audience through digital streams and analytics that often time result in more effective ways of marketing than traditional print.  Digital marketing has changed or superseded the  now less effective ways of print media.  Digital media provides for a strategic approach to reach your target audience  via multiple digital mediums and acquire analytics with is the key to success. View a catalog design case study here or contact us for more information here.
Source: Information Experts