Websites are dead, well sort of…..


The days of generic, static HTML template websites with stock photography are really dead. Websites that thrive today have a user Interface and user Experience (UI/UX) strategy, great content, personalized videos/images and engagement features. Monitoring the behavior of your website traffic is also just as important.  Analytics is the life line to learning about your visitors. It helps to build a website that appeals and engages with your audience. By understanding their behavior, you can determine the best digital strategy for your brand’s website strategy. Metrics like bounce rates, which indicate how long a user stays on a page before they leave, and conversion goals, which track user activity on your page, are just some of the basic metrics that should be evaluated when creating a digital strategy.  Some examples of conversion goals include: number of buttons clicked, pages reached, contact forms, newsletter subscribers just to name a few.

(3) Three basic website UI/UX strategies to get you started on reviving your website:

Simple and clean UI/UX speaks volumes

An aesthetically visually appealing design is extremely important. Design that helps to amplify your brand’s story and compliments engaging features help to contribute to the user’s overall experience. Disturbing color pallets or over crowded pages that don’t easily display the information a user is looking for can ruin the users experience resulting in higher bounce rates.  At Design House we believe less is more. Simple and clean design can make all the difference in a user’s experience to keep visitors engaged and yield conversion goals.

The Evolution of the continued Scroll

I think it’s safe to say that in the debate of scrolling vs. clicking, users prefer to scroll. Organized, engaging designs and an easy to read website hierarchy help guide users through a site. It’s important to not overload scroll pages with too many functions to avoid heavy load times. However when done right, long scroll pages can help enhance a good storytelling experience and are engaging.

Building Personalized Stories

A story that conveys your brand’s services and/or product can yield higher conversions. Personalizing your story and bridging a connection with your audience is the key to successful storytelling.

Personalized images and videos and less stock images

When building interactive stories, large, rich images and videos set the stage for great engagement. Personalizing images with employees, business environment, and featuring images of a brand’s products and services is key.

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