Our team had the privilege of going to Word Camp Miami 2015 this past weekend. Every year Design House
either sponsors and or participates at this amazing event. Word Camp is a conference dedicated to Word Press
and all the ways it can be used for websites and other forms of development.  This event brings us together
with existing partners, new resources, ideas and the opportunity to hang out with other digital geeks like us!  


Here are some pictures of the event and our favorite highlights:

word camp miami

Image from Word Camp Miami

Word Camp Miami 2015 was located at Florida International University this year not to that far from our office!

The turnout was incredible! We were able to connect with so many local developers, designers, project managers

and marketing strategists


One of our favorite lectures was by Michelle Schulp– a designer turned coder and self-proclaimed unicorn. She

spoke about the importance of being a unicorn (someone who is comfortable with both design and code). She

stressed that even if you’re a developer who can’t design, or a designer who can’t code, it benefits you to understand

the terminology of each so that your team can get through each project smoothly.

photo (1)

But of course, one of our favorite moments of the weekend was getting to eat this delicious Nutella and Dulce de Leche

flavored ice cream! Yum!!


Image from Word Camp Miami
If you work in a digital field and are wondering about whether or not you should sign up for the next Word Camp- do it!

The networking opportunities alone are amazing. Being able to toss ideas back and forth with people in the industry is fun,

but most importantly it can teach you so much that you can take back to your own businesses or freelance work.