Brand Identity -City of Coral Gables.

On April 29th the City of Coral Gables celebrated a 90th year anniversary. This was such an iconic milestone for this beautiful city. The City of Coral Gables reached out to Design House to create and design the brand identity for this historic event. Our agency was honored and privileged to collaborate and partner with the City of Coral Gables to work on this significant brand identity project.

Coral Gables _logo concepts

After extensive marketing research on the city’s history and it’s current branding guidelines, our designers came to the conclusion that we should keep the classic look and feel of the city’s current brand identity but add a modern touch for this event. They started their creative process by sketching illustration concepts using historic elements, such as drapery and other more classic elements and fonts. After several initial concepts, we developed several strong logo design concepts to present to our client. (See logo concepts II). In round III we were able to design a stronger brand identity strategy, keeping to our main objective: aiming for a modern look with a classic appeal. It was in this round that we created that perfect balance we were looking for and presented our final concept to the client. (See featured image). Our client was excited about the final concept and approved our logo design! The city branded all of the event’s marketing material, which included the City’s annual brochure and newsletters. Pins were even made, along with other marketing collateral. Read  more on the City of Coral Gables 90th year anniversary here.    

Thank you card from the city of Coral Gables

The little things that bring us big smiles (post card from the CG)











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