Website Redesign

How a Website Redesign Might Just Be the Best Lead Generation Tool of All

When it comes to generating leads, one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal may very well be a website redesign. By undergoing a complete website redesign, your website could start to generate more leads for your business than ever before. Many online websites are static and lack a solid UI/UX experience that’s engaging and captures users attention. With a website redesign makeover you may start to see your bounce rate drop in no time. A website redesign that compliments your brand and  has engaging content will certainly take your website to a higher level of conversion.

Every Page Counts

Lead generation, which is basically the use of marketing processes to stimulate and capture consumer interest in your product or service for the purpose of building sales, must involve every single page of your website. According to Forbes, rather than simply glossing over the top navigation categories and their associated pages when doing a website redesign, it’s necessary to take a look at every single page and ask: what is the result you’re aiming to achieve with the content and how do you want people to respond? Each page needs to be designed to further a goal, whether it’s encouraging visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or make a purchase.

Don’t Forget Mobile Capabilities

At the heart of website redesign is mobility, efficiency, navigability and ease of use. It’s not enough to have a catchy desktop version of your website these days. In order to capture the most consumers at the most opportune times—such as when they’re out shopping and want to make price comparisons—you have to ensure your design is fluid on every tablet and mobile device. According to Search Engine Watch, nearly 75 percent of users say they would revisit a website if it was user-friendly and displayed well on a mobile phone. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on a huge audience. Not to mention Google is now penalizing websites that are not mobile and rewarding those that are.

Make Your Content Work

The type and tone of your content is a crucial part of your website redesign. Compelling, well-written copy engages the reader in and encourages the user to stay, which may lead to more sales or at least further actions on your website, such as contacting you for more information,registering for your newsletter or commenting on your blog. As such, you need to make sure your home page communicates exactly what it is that you’re selling and what benefit your company provides for the user. The overall tone should be conversational, the text should be educational in nature but definitely not boring, and the content should be relevant and up-to-date at all times to avoid appearing stagnant. When implementing your website redesign, each page should have a clear call to action for different phases of the buying process. The call to action is where you convert users into paying customers, so make it count!

If you’re hoping to step up your lead generation game, a website redesign might just be a good starting point.