Mobile websites

About 1/3 of all smartphone owners no longer use their computer to browse the internet – even when they are home! Its time for a mobile website

This is causing a radical change in the way we design and use websites. Think about it. Our desktops are often out of reach. Smartphones are practically glued to our hands. As far as Mobile Websites go, the simplified mobile versions are easier to browse than the full sites. Let’s not forget, the super user-friendly mobile apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest that require so little effort to use, may cause a user to drool.

Here’s an instance where a Mobile Website beats desktop with a TKO; a smartphone can be used to deposit money into your bank account by taking pictures of your checks and submitting them via your bank’s app. Yep, pretty soon, with so much increasing smartphone ease, our opposable thumbs will practically evolve away.

Not So Fast, Smartphone!

Desktops are still very far from being out of the picture. That’s why it’s important to build your site with a Mobile Website that will work fluidly on any device.

Mobile Website are different to responsive web design which is the process of creating websites that adjust to the screen sizes and usability of smartphones, tablets, and traditional computers. If your website is not “mobile-responsive” then you may be losing potential prospects to your competitors that do use mobile-responsive design.

Click here to see some examples of mobile-responsive and NON-mobile-responsive sites.

Mobile Vs Desktop: The Rematch – An infographic by Skyscanner