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When it comes to SEO and web design we’re leading by example.  We implement SEO from the ground up when building a website. It’s essential to do this during the web design and web development stages.  Years ago SEO was full of many black hats techniques that were not regulated by Google. They were simple to manipulate and ranked websites high without much work. As websites with little or no value to consumers were ranking high on Google searches, Google realized that they needed to create a method to retrieve relevant websites during a Google search. If they didn’t, Google would lose their credibility and users would likely abandon the search engine. Early on you could simply stuff a website with a keyword thousands of times and the website with the the most keywords would win. This was Google’s initial challenge. Because of it, they changed their algorithms and regulations regarding SEO, and they continue to constantly update it.

Our Coral Gables Web Design Agency has been experimenting SEO for years, especially during the black hat days. We understand how these algorithms think and process. The black hat days of SEO are over, at least for our SEO Coral Gables agency. Many SEO agencies still use these outdated tactics. They may work for a while, but eventually they get hit by Google. The consequences for using black hat techniques could include having your website removed from the Google index. This means that the site will become invisible online. This is why our SEO Coral Gables agency ONLY practices white-hat techniques. Our SEO Coral Gables agency knows how to get websites in top rankings the right way: naturally and organically. We follow the Google algorithm rules and know a few white-hat tricks that work if done correctly can get your site the right king of visibility. This is what sets us apart from the rest of our SEO competitors.

We have a team of SEO engineers that focus on developing an SEO strategy even before we start building a website. When we do start the web development process, we implement all the right tags, keywords, links, and all the other ranking factors needed for on-page optimization. Once we’ve completed building the website, we submit the site to all the major search engines for indexing and get your Google Web Master Dashboard ready for success. Our SEO Coral Gables company provides on-going support thereafter for clients that would like to outsource the high level grunt work of SEO to us. We also train our clients on how to keep working at SEO themselves. Our process is very transparent and straight forward. We educate our clients so that you can be the SEO master of your website and head for long term success.

If you’re serious about getting your website built with SEO from the ground level up, done the right way — we’re the right SEO Coral Gables agency for you. If your site has already been built, we can review your website and make recommendations on how to optimize your website for success. We provide SEO monthly services for you or can offer our SEO training packages so you could do it yourself. Connect with us today for a free diagnostic of your website and learn more about our SEO services.