Quality Graphic Design May Impact Your brand More Than you Think.

The key to having a successful business on the World Wide Web is to create and promote a beautiful and easy-to-use website for all of your customers and visitors. Just like you would invest in top interior designer for a physical storefront, the same should be applied to how you invest on your branding online. In addition, you want to impress every visitor who not only checks out your website, but every web-based channel you have created. This includes blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

 Besides SEO (aka ‘Search Engine Optimization’) and SEM (aka ‘Search Engine Marketing’), graphic design utilizing retina-ready images and websites will enhance any user’s experience. Graphic design is so important because it offers one of the easiest ways to emotionally connect with your customers and fans.  By deciding on the right images, you can attract your customers in a variety of different ways (e.g. make them happy, excited, and nostalgic).

As we discussed a few days ago, investing in quality graphic design is key and in addition to sharing our work at Design House Agency, we also highlighted with our readers some of our favorite graphic design and creative agencies in the business. Now, we want to share with you some of our favorite brands and the quality graphic design and images they use for both their websites and social media networking websites:

Design House Agency’s Best Quality Graphic Design Websites:

2012 Year of Twitter

Twitter decided to create a new website showcasing some of the best things that happened in 2012. Their homepage is simple, but colorful and includes profile photos of top twitter accounts from 2012.


Combadi is a startup that offers holiday and travel ideas. That is good because this homepage makes me trust their judgment, offering striking images in calming, fading colors.


Layvervault takes a simple, yet very contemporary approach to quality graphic design on their homepage.

Design House Agency’s Favorite Twitter Backgrounds:

The New Yorker:

Incorporating magazine covers into a Twitter background is both a clever and beautiful way to entice a follower of the New Yorker.

The Cut:

The Cut, the fashion arm of New York Magazine, added images of runway models wearing colorful and bright skirts to their Twitter background.


Adobe used one of its images created from one of their software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and made the image go across their Twitter profile and background in a very cool manner.

Design House Agency’s Favorite Facebook Cover Photos:

Red Bull Racing:

Quality Graphic Design

Red Bull intelligently included one of their charity campaign messages to their Facebook cover photo and a clever quality graph design of one of their race cars.


Lawyers.com cleverly using one social media venue (Facebook) to inform fans about another (a recent blog post) is a smart brand move.

 Also, in addition to including calls to action, adding infographics to your Facebook cover photo is also recommended. Here is an example of Design House Agency’s Facebook cover photo that incorporated an infographic:

We also offer some great graphic design work for our clients at Design House Agency that can be found here. Besides checking out your popular brand’s presence online for inspiration as well as checking Behance.net, where individuals share their portfolio of design work, another great resource to finding inspiring and innovative graphic design is Pinterest. By simply typing any of the following, ‘quality graphic design layout’ or quality ‘graphic design’ or ‘quality graphic design website,’ you will come across a plethora of quality graphic design inspirations:

This will help you get inspired and develop ideas for your brand. Furthermore, this will be help your agency with understanding the creative direction you want to go with your brand. So remember, quality graphic design and the images you use on both your website and social media channels are key to gaining success on the Internet.