An un-SEO’d website is like a restaurant sitting in the middle of the Sahara desert. Only vultures know it’s there.

Here are (3) three basic strategies you can implement yourself to help your website rank higher on searches and make you feel golden.

1. Write About Cool Stuff

Content is king so make sure you’re blogging as much as you can and adding more pages of relevant, informative, and engaging text to your website that people want to read and share.

2. Create Backlinks

Create as many backlinks to your website from high ranking websites as you can organically. When it comes to high ranking websites that point back to your site goes, more is merrier.



PageRank ranges from 0-10.

Why is page rank important? It shows search engines that an authoritative and/or reputable website’s votes for your site or recommends your website hence they’re  back linking to your website.


  • PR0 – Not good. Google knows you exist, and that’s just about it.
  • PR1 – Not so good but better than PR0. Your site is getting indexed by Google, but you need to work on it
  • PR2 – Below average on the web.
  • PR3 – Average on the web. Most sites you see on the web have a PR3.
  • PR4 – Above average. You’ve likely been conscious about getting your site out there a bit.
  • PR5 – Good. A PR5 may land you on the first page of some search results, pat yourself on the back.
  • PR6 – Great. You’ve obviously done some work on your SEO. You’ll be able to contend for some top positions.
  • PR7 – You’re big! If you’ve got a PR7, consider yourself a top site. Most medium size businesses would do well to dream of a PR7.
  • Remember that bit about the Ricther scale? If jumping from a PR5 to a PR6 is hard, jumping from a PR7 to a PR8 is 100-times harder.
  • PR8 – You’re huge. and have a PR8.
  • PR9 – Your bigger than MSNBC, like and
  • PR10 – You’re at the top, we all know it: and are in your posse.

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Data source: Biznik

3. Enlist with Directories

There are many free directories such as Yelp, Google Local, Citysearch, etc. Make sure your information is listed on directories such as these. Also provide the best images of your business, products, and/or services. There are numerous directories online but beware of spam services that knowingly provide service to criminal spam gangs and ignore spam reports from anti-spam systems and Internet users. Do your research and be selective.