1. Your Website Uses Flash!

If your website is using  Flash, chances are your website is at least 10 years old. Flash was popular back in the 1990’s and unfortunately stopped being supported by Apple.  For more on why not to use flash, check out these 12 reasons  12 reasons why you should not use flash.    Alternatives to Flash HTML5.

2. You Depend On Your Web Designer For Changes To Your Website.

Older outdated website platforms without a content management system would require you to know code to make changing to your website, but now things have changed. New website platforms such as WordPress allow for you to take back control of your website and provides the users the ability to update your website at anytime securely.  WordPress CMS Websites allow provide an array of tools to help users.

1. Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive.

If your website is hard to navigate and load on mobile devices chances are your website is not responsive. In the 2014, more than 40% of online searches will be conducted on mobile phones and tablet devices. If your website is not mobile responsive and your visitors  cannot engage with your website on their mobile device, more than likely they will scroll through to your competitor that has a mobile site.

4. Your website has an outdated design, broken links and has bugs causing glitches due to old code.

Is your website like an old dinosaur living in a cutting-edge technology obsessed society? Does the design have an old Miami Vice pastel color scheme? If so, your website is totally out-dated. Your Website is the mirror of your business and it speaks volumes about your business. Did you know the number one reason people use the internet is to search for information? If your website is not ready to provide the information users are looking for your may be losing new business. Your website is one of the most important marketing elements of your business in today’s fast paced internet culture, if you have an outdated website, chances are you may be losing business to your competitors every day.