Graphic Design Agencies



Graphic design is a huge component to digital marketing. If anything, it might very well be the most important part of our work because it is the first thing a client’s customer sees. And with the development of websites such as, which enable graphic designers and agencies, big and small, to share their bodies of work to the general population, there has become an ever stronger expectation from the public for good design.


Poke is a New York City-based agency that focuses on providing its clients with innovative value by “connecting design and technology.” They have worked with big Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson and American Express to fashion designers like Cynthia Rowley. They also won a Webby Award for their development of a banner campaign to raise awareness on homelessness in Stockholm, Sweden. As a traveller, my favorite piece of graphic design work they did was updating Lonely Planet’s website, which you can check out here.

Area 17:

Area 17 is a New York City and Paris-based digital agency known for their clean and sleek, but interactive approach to graphic and web design. One of their more famous works was the creation of Spin Magazine’s website, With Spin’s website, the agency was able to creatively replicate the magazine experience that everyone thought would be lost when brought to the web. Area 17’s own website is not too shabby either.



As such, at Design House Agency, we are always on the look out for new graphic and web design trends and eagerly incorporate them into our creative processes. Furthermore, we are always checking out what our peers are doing in the industry and recognizing good talent when we see it. As such, we wanted to highlight three of our favorite graphic design agencies in the United States that are doing some amazing and innovative work for a wide range of clients in many industries such as retail, food, publishing, and technology. Enjoy!



Sony. Microsoft. Google. These three very famous and well-known Fortune 500 companies are just some of the many impressive clients Fi (formerly known as Fantasy Interactive), has managed to attain over the years. Based both in the United States (New York and San Francisco) and Europe (London and Stockholm), this agency is driven by “quality over quantity,” focusing on the following three areas: creative, strategy, and technology. Most recently, they were responsible for the redesign of USA Today’s website.

Lastly, not to toot one’s own horn, but we at Design House Agency are also very proud of our graphic design portfolio and are happy to see so many of our clients both in and out of Miami-Coral Gables be pleased with our results.

As you can see, it is hard not be inspired by other graphic design agencies in the digital marketing community and their impressive samples of work. Who is your favorite and why? Share your answers with us on Design House Agency’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account. We look forward to hearing from you!



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