Everyone in the web design world and the tech world in general are always trying to figure out new and innovative ways to create a better Internet website viewing experience.  One of the most recent ways to achieving this never-ending goal is through the development of a retina ready website. This has become so imperative and instrumental that Apple developed and rolled out an entire new line of MacBook Pros with Retina Display, featuring resolutions that go has high as 2800 x 1800 pixel displays.

And now, the rest of the tech world is catching up and realizing the importance of having a retina ready website . The best analogy to describe what exactly is retina ready is comparing video quality between VHS and Blu-ray Disc. While this comparison seems like a huge difference, that’s how big of a deal the web design community is making retina ready websites. Heck, that analogy might come off as a bit of an exaggeration as well, but what is not an exaggeration is that a) retina ready is revolutionary technology and b) it WILL make your website a sight to behold.

So technically, what is retina ready you ask? It is pretty much what makes your web design as clear and easily visible as possible.  Like the screens of MacBook Pros, retina ready websites generally have a 2800 x 1800 resolution with 5.1 million pixels. This creates a more bold, vibrant, detailed, and striking website.

Here is an example of how sharp a website looks when it’s retina ready:

Website retina ready

Website retina ready

Traditionally, a website will look a bit blurry in their natural state, but much more so when you zoom into a page. You will notice the page become more pixelated and thus more difficult to see. A retina ready website fixes that dilemma by using a combination of CSS and Javascipt, enabling any user to see a website that is very smooth and clear with highly quality images having no distortion.

Technically speaking, with retina ready, it allows a user to see more pixels per square inch, thus getting rid of that super fuzzy look (no matter how much you zoom into a screen) and creating a more pleasing view to the naked eye.

Like all digital marketing trends, retina ready has been on the radar of Miami-Coral Gables’ Design House Agency for quite sometime and we encourage all of our clients to implement this technology with their website. Investing in a website is obvious, but having a retina ready website puts you ahead of the curve than the majority.

And to show we practice what we preach, we are happy to announce that our website, www.designhouseagency.com, is now retina ready! Contact us to learn more about being retina ready. Your customers and fans will not only see the difference, but also see your product and/or service in a “new light.”