Vine AppTwitter has finally released an Android version for Vine, their very popular video sharing app. For those of you not familiar with this highly addictive piece of software, Vine allows users to create, upload, and share homemade video clips. The tricky thing about it is each clip is only six seconds long. Yes, six seconds. However, it should come to no surprise that a social networking website that limits its user to 140 characters would acquire an app where video clips can only be 6 seconds long. And in the case of Vine, less is clearly more. Despite the time limit, users have taken to Vine in droves. As of this month, six months after its initial iOS release, 13 million people are currently using the app and posting 12 million videos each day on Twitter. To put things in perspective, it took Instagram a full year to gain 10 million followers.

Besides the infamous time limit, like Twitter’s interface, it’s easy to use and easy to share videos on other social media websites such as Facebook. Also, you would be surprised at what can make you laugh (or frightened) in so little time.

Users have easily adapted to the time limit and created a variety of different video clips. Many are humorous, while some use it to learn DIY tips, offer advice, and share “moving” images of pretty places.

While many, if not the overwhelming majority of the videos are for fun and personal use, we believe there is a strong potential for Vine to help organizations generate brand awareness and eventually, new customers. Some ideas of how to gain the attention of Vine users include, but are not limited to the following:

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  • Sharing behind-the-scenes of marketing campaigns and/or up-and-coming projects
  • Tips made easy
  • Showing your service and/or product in a unique and clever way (e.g. a clothing brand showcasing different ways to wear one top)
  • Developing and sharing creative video sales and promos


The focus of Vine’s popularity and quick adoption has been the users and that is only expected to grow with the release of their Andorid app.  However, in the coming months, there will mostly likely be an influx of businesses trying to attract users from Vine. And it’s always best to enter the market sooner rather than later.

So what are you waiting? Try out Vine and tell us what you think! And share your lovely videos on our Facebook and  Twitter and Vine @  design house agency.

Here are a few of Design House Agency’s favorite Vines. Enjoy!