make your homepage unique

If you answered boring to the question in the topic of this post, let’s change that QUICK! Homepages are KEY to attracting clients and followers to your website/blogs. You have very little time to capture the eyes of each individual that is led to your website, so you want to make sure you keep them interested by having an over-the-top homepage! Did you know that the average attention span of a human is at a very short eight seconds? I guess that means we can no longer blame our kids for having short attention spans when we ask them to do their chores, right? 🙂

While reading a blog post once by Patrick Wood, the director of the Memphis-based investment firm AM Ventures, I learned that you do not want to simply write a brief description of what your company is about or a dull description about your features. You want to write something far more interesting and engaging that will make the reader want more! You also do not want to explain “everything” that you do on your homepage! You want to tease them a bit and make them want to click elsewhere on the site. Yes, this leads to more pageviews and time on your website which are two positives, but it could also eventually turn into leads for your company which is great!

Leads are extremely important to your company, but in my opinion I believe that being loyal and engaging with your followers are most valuable for success. It is all about the relationship that you build with those potential clients! Those relationships could turn out to be very short, but most likely very long if you build that relationship the right way. A creative and catchy homepage is just the start of capturing their eye and building something long-term!