Is Content Really king, when it comes to Optimizing your website for Search?


According to Google Panda content is king but there are still other strategies that need to be applied in tandem.

To better understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you to have to think the way the search engine algorithms do. For example, what is the most up to date, relevant information to match a user’s search query? It all starts there. If your website has new, fresh and relevant content containing keywords that match the user is searching for then that’s a match. It’s not all so cut in dry though but it does provide a general idea of how it sort of works. Google makes it a point not to reveal all of their algorithm secrets for obvious reasons but, for the novice you need to know the basic and that’s content is king. Content is very important and more so today then ever before. In addition, content needs to flow naturally and be relevant to the topic keyword. Those days of cramming key words that made no sense are gone. In fact, websites that do this are penalized and dropped significantly post Google Panda. Some good SEO advice would be: Update your content regularly and make sure to add high ranking key words from your industry throughout your website organically. Blogs are a great tool to have on your website. Easy to manage website platforms like Wordpress with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) allows users to access their website’s back end and make regular updates without being held hostage by your website agency. Also, make sure to name and tag images correctly.For more on you can learn to optimize your website and Search Engine Optimization strategies visit: Google Web Master Central SEO-starter-guide