Max Cycle – a new innovative indoor cycling class business about to take Miami by storm came to Design House in need of a brand image.

Our logo design process begins with a detailed creative brief used for gathering information about the client’s business, industry, culture, and marketing goals. Below is a condensed version of our process and the basic stages for this logo design.

Following the creative brief we put together with our client, we started brainstorming and sketching out rough concepts.

Step 1: Rough Sketches

After some client feedback, we established some good direction for the logo mark.

Next, we put together some more refined options while also, suggesting font styles and color palettes.

Step 2: Fonts, colors, and more refined ideas

We presented colors that would appeal to our client and her marketing segments.

Step 3: Color Research

Here is an example of some of the color research based on client feedback. Our client was partial to neon colors so we did a little exploring.


At this point, the client has chosen the main colors and narrowed down the logo mark and fonts even further.

Step 4: Further refinement using chosen colors and fonts

Step 5: Back to the drawing board for the logo mark

Logo design involves constant discovery along the way up until the very end. At this point we learned from our client that she would prefer a less stylized and more realistic image of the cyclist. She wanted more colors also. So, we aimed to please with these solutions.



Step 6: Putting it all together

After some more client feedback, we cleaned up the design and nailed down the right fonts, colors, and layout. Result: another happy client and another great logo to add to our portfolio.

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