Built from the ground up custom web development project built on WordPress platform just launched. Initially, we started with the planning stage where we developed the layout and architecture blue print of the website working closely with our client.

Once the blue print was approved, we presented the concept to the design team. They started working on the PSD mock-ups and completed the entire design of the website. We provided our client a basic navigable prototype design of the website.

Once approved by our client, the next phase went into the hands of our professional WordPress developers. The PSDs were converted into CSS and HTML, plugins were added and customized and the authorize.net merchant gateway was integrated.

We then had a beta test link which we presented to the client so that he could follow the progress of the site during development. In this phase, the project manager worked closely with the client to ensure that all the functionality and required processes were in place as needed.

We then moved into the testing phase. We created accounts, made purchases, and made sure there were no bugs. Once we received a final approval for launch, we went live and cross checked all the popular browsers to make sure the site design was uniform and working properly, testing all the features and functions.

View the website development for MyFirstMonthFree.com here

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