Social Media Etiquette

Before you hit that “post” button, make sure your content is following good social media etiquette. Good social media etiquette will help keep viewers on your page, and make your brand look professional. Most importantly, however, good social media etiquette will build credibility with your brand.

Watch Frequency.  Don’t under-post but don’t over-post either. There is no “set number of posts” etiquette, but every social media platform is different.  For example, on Twitter it is common to frequently post about events throughout the day. But on Facebook that is not that common, unless there are multiple big events during the day. Rule of thumb: keep it to one or two posts a day and post them significantly apart. Over posting on Facebook can result in your followers tuning out or worse unsubscribing from your updates.

Spam alert.  Make sure to check your business’s Facebook account frequently to avoid hackers from spamming through your account. If you rarely visit your accounts you may be in for a surprise, so check up regularly. Make sure to change your passwords every six months if not more.

Don’t be tacky.  When posting avoid phrases like FREE HERE, Click Now!!! $$$$$, ALL CAPS, It can annoy your followers and they will tune out and unsubscribe.

Be Professional. Watch what you post and the words you are using. Slang and poor choices of words can cause you to lose credibility with your followers. Your followers are following your every word so make sure you keep it professional.

Don’t slam your competition. Bad mouthing your completion is a really poor way to impress your customers. In fact, it can reflect insecurity. Respect and value your competitors in times like these building bridges and building partnerships are good practice. Respect others so that in turn the same respect is carried on.

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