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First, you should determine your budget and remember what can be cheap can usually end up being very expensive. A $99 dollar logo will get you just that – a basic design. A logo represents your business culture, mission and vision. Underestimating the logo can work against you when it’s time to advertise your services. A logo that conveys your service in a single glance is essential to the success of a business. Small business can expect to pay anywhere from $3,500 to $15,000 and more if its in your budget. If its not in your budget and you feel you have some leverage to barter go for it. Industry professionals agree in many cases bartering for design is greatly used. Nothing beats a massages anytime you want one in exchange for a well designed logo. Find some great tips here” top 10 logo tips for a winning logo”.


Most Creative agency to design websites to show case their work and if they don’t  that can be a clear sign to keep researching. Make sure to view their portfolio to connect with style, positioning and past work. You need to educate your self with what to expect and what kind of work they have put out.

Talk about your company

A creative agency to design  your business  culture, vision and long term aspirations. This can get sticky if you have multiple partners that may not agree with your vision. So make sure you and your partners have a clear agreement of your business brand. If you don’t, make sure to go back to the drawing board and iron your that out beforehand.


Its important you and your Design House, come to an agreement which stipulates time, revisions and expectations. Also, make sure when your logo is complete you own all the rights to your logo as well.

Are you ready for your small business logo or time to refresh your old one? Contact us for our logo packages and logo questionnaire and let’s get you started.