City of Coral Gables

About the City of Coral Gables

Coral Gables, The City Beautiful, stands out as a rare pearl in South Florida. It’s been referred to as the “Beverly Hills of Miami.” The city is one of the oldest historic locations in Miami and is home to many stunning residences, upscale galleries, restaurants, bars and Fortune 500 businesses. How do you make a municipality with a such a fabulous reputation shine even brighter? Well for starters Design House actually resides in Coral Gables since our inception in 2010, and we love it here.

Coral Gables Fountain
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Collaborating with the City of Coral Gables, our creative highlights for the City Beautiful include brochure, newsletter and booklet design.

Coral Gables logo concepts

Our Approach

The City of Coral Gables and Design House have been long-term partners. The City Beautiful has depended on our agency to create graphic design and creative design material such as, brochures, booklets, newsletters and posters among other print collateral and online design for the city. The most recent project we were contracted for involved creating a brand identity for the iconic 90th anniversary of Coral Gables. We hit the ground running, conducting market research and planning how to best align the branding with the desired target audience. We created several design concepts until we crafted the perfect logo. Once we presented the concepts to the city, they selected the final logo. We also created other related marketing collateral throughout the city’s celebratory event.

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