Almond Pro

About Almond Pro

Almond Pro is an all-natural almond milk product spearheaded by a team of health conscious enthusiasts. In a market that’s oversaturated with health products, we had to find a way to make Almond Pro’s unique qualities stand out from all the noise and target the right consumers.

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Brand identity, logo, website and package design are just some of the services we cooked up for this exciting nutritional supplement sourced from plant products.

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Our Approach

Almond Pro required a strong design agency with a solid marketing footprint, and Design House measured up for the job. We used our research and created a marketing plan to help us design a strategic brand that connects our client’s product with its desired target audience. One crucial step in this project was the branding execution and package design for the Almond Pro line of products. Our designers used a 3D animation of the prototype that displayed each bottle’s shape with the label design wrapped around it. It gave our client a 360-degree view, providing a true-to-life idea of how the finished product would look. Just like the vegan-powered protein nutrition Almond Pro offers, the digital experience we created had to be made accessible to consumers seeking solid information on the product that improves their wellbeing and nutrition.  We turned to social media metrics and implemented surveys to gather real-time data from users to take further measure and fine tune and test our marketing strategy, and ultimately the user experience of the site. Once we created the packaging design and logo design, we finished with the company’s eCommerce website and social media pages. The Almond Pro line will soon be at a Whole Foods near you. Website is scheduled to launch in June 2015.

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