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Website Design Services with Strategy for 2016

by Liz Rodriguez, December 29, 2015

Ringing in the New: Website Design Services with Strategy for 2016 As the New Year approaches, we are bombarded by even more new technology. The ever-evolving realm of website design services & social media are so important for SEO. In the booming, competitive world of the Internet, it’s becoming more … Continue reading

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Top digital agency and how to spot one

by Liz Rodriguez, December 22, 2015

Top digital agency tips to look out for when selecting the right parters Digital and internal marketing are some things that are challenging for many businesses. For this reason, it is common to rely on the partnership of a top digital agency. But, with so many digital shops available today, … Continue reading

Don’t get “Trumped”. Protect your .MIAMI company’s name domain now!

by Liz Rodriguez, December 10, 2015

 .MIAMI domain on sale now. Don’t let your competitors take over your company’s online brand identity. Recently in the news we learned that Donald Trump had purchased the domain and created a great website for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Leaving your company’s domain name out there in the vast digital … Continue reading

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Web design trends for 2016

by designhouse15, December 8, 2015

Web design trends for 2016 Web design trends continue to evolve rapidly due to all the user behavior data available to us today. We know now that an engaging website is a key factor for website retention which impacts bounce rate. Having a website with great visuals and content is important, but users today expect more. Storytelling has been front and center for web design trends the past few years and it continues to evolve for 2016. Websites are expected to be personal to not only convey your brand or product story but to make a connection. How are connections being made?

Coral Gables, Home to our Creative Agency

by designhouse15, December 4, 2015

Coral Gables, the City beautiful! Coral Gables, the City beautiful aka as the Gables is home to our digital agency. We really enjoy the Gables and its great weather all year around.  Coral Gables, Florida is located right in heart of Miami and just minutes from anywhere. We can get … Continue reading

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